What I wish I had known before I started working out in the gym

Hi! Thanks for finding the headline interesting enough to click on it! How did you find it? (I’m curious, let me know in the comments.)

OK, no more chit-chat, that’s not why you’re here.


  • There’s really no wrong way
  • It’s OK to ask
  • Everybody sweats!
  • No one really cares about you

There’s no wrong way

Do you have worries that people think you’re an idiot when using an unfamiliar machine for the first time, because you might be using it wrong? I know I worried about this when I first started working out.

Well I can tell you now, after 5-ish years of working out, only stupid people will make fun of you for that. All over Facebook and mostly Instagram, people show alternative ways to use different machines in the gym.

You’re not using the machine wrong; you’re inventing a new way of using it! (It’s all about your mindset.)

So don’t worry about it.

It’s OK to ASK

Ask for help if you need it! You can always ask the staff for help, but other members are usually happy to help as well.

A woman at my gym (member, not staff) taught me how to do a deadlift with a kettlebell. She even lent me her resistance band.

Another time, two older guys helped me with the lat pulldown machine. When I first prepped the machine with the right bar and stuff, I did it wrong, so the bar turned the wrong way (damn it). I had to stand on the seat because I couldn’t reach, with the “big heavy” bar in my hands. They saw that I was struggling and helped me!

This is just two of many examples.

Quick tip: Just avoid asking people in the middle of their heaviest set of squats 😉

Everybody sweats

That’s why you’re there, isn’t it?

This is something I’m still working on myself: It’s ok that your clothes get stained with sweat. Heck, you can be drenched and it shouldn’t matter!

I bought a pair of Flexxfit leggings not so long ago, and sadly they are not sweatproof at all (a.k.a. booty sweat that can be spotted a mile away). It took a great deal for me to stay and finish my workout. But when I was done, I felt great. And guess what…

No one batted an eye.

Try not to care to much about it. We can work on it together 🙂

No one really cares…

No one really cares how you look or how you use the machines. Not because you’re an uninteresting person, just because people are there to work on themselves. Just like you are. So, that’s where their focus will be. Not on you.

Overall, my biggest advice is to just go in there, have a great workout with lots of sweat and no worries. ASK for help if you’re in doubt.

Remember, it’s the fewest people that pays for a membership just to go pick on others.

Just think about it… you don’t judge other people if they sweat or use a machine an alternative way, do you? So why would anybody else.

I really hope that you found any of this helpful. Please share your advice with me in the comments!

Sunflower kisses and well wishes,

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