My top 5 favourite fitness instagrammers 2019

Instagram is my no. 1 source of inspiration when it comes to fitness. There are SO MANY amazing people on that platform. Buuut since it would be a very long blog post if I had to mention everybody that I follow, I figured I would do my top 5.

Here it comes!


I love this photo, haha ♥

Maddie always post pictures/youtube videos of delicious, healthy vegan food (especially fruit!). She looks amazing and truly HAPPY. She can change my mood for the entire day with a single instagram caption. 


A.K.A. Remy Parks. She has the most aesthetic insta feed ever. She posts yummy, vegan food pictures and all her captions are either inspiring or hilarious. I also LOVE her agressive use of the Instagram stories! Haha, but for real, it gives a good insight of her everyday life that a post couldn’t do. Remy is really good at engaging with her followers as well! 


She’s an amazing girl that has taught me so many things about food, health and fitness. She’s a pro in showing her gratitude for the little things and she’s always happy! Enjoying nature and eating wholesome foods is her thing! And her love for bread is amazing, haha. She posts inspiring photos of her clients who are all doing great! She’s vegan too. 


Pfeh, long name. But! Leila is awesome! She’s a foodie, as she describes herself. And you can surely tell by the yummy pictures and stories she often posts! She ALWAYS makes me crave pancakes! Vegan too.


This guy I really enjoy following, especially because of his eye-opening, inspiring text-photos. Also because of the food and fitness pictures, of course! AND he has the most gorgeous girlfriend, @biancataylorm!

Who are your favourite fitness instagrammers? Let me know in the comments! 

Sunflower kisses and well wishes,

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